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Creative block and Endo Awareness Month.

Ugh! Don’t you hate it when you have a creative block! That has been my problem this week. I am so close to finishing one of my designs and I had this idea to use a certain type of button but when I went to buy them, I couldn’t get them anywhere. And all the buttons I looked at just didn’t cut it! I have a few more places to look but I’m not holding my breath. So on the weekend I tried something else. I got halfway through and I just don’t know if I’m liking the way it is turning out. So I’ve just left it. I look at it every day to see if the design will talk to me. It’s so frustrating because I really need to get this design finished so I can write it up.

In the meantime I’ve been working on another design, a crochet pattern, which is coming together nicely. I have about 7 squares to do up and then I can put the finishing touches to it. It’s exciting to see my designs come to life. I have another 3 which are still only on paper but I’m looking forward to breathing life into them as well.

On Saturday I went to Knit N Sip at Knit Purl Yarn Boutique and Ruth, the knitting teacher was there. I was talking to her about the wrap I want to knit and she thought it would look good in 8ply, which means the wool I’ve been waiting to come back into stock is now not needed, so I spent Sunday afternoon looking at 8 ply wool in a similar colour and found some pretty merino. I ordered it from and got 15% off because it was my first order so I was happy.

Hubble, however, suggested that maybe I should finish some of my existing yarn projects before I start another one (in fact told me not to start another project until I had finished at least one). Challenge accepted!

Last night I finished Miss M’s beanie. It turned out well, even the pom pom. I just have to add a label and write some care instructions up, then pop it in the mail. I hope Miss M likes it.

I’m still working on the Grinda Shawl. I’ve got about 11 rows to go. Each row is taking about an hour or just over to complete and my hands have been aching as well so I’ve had to be careful with how much time I spend crocheting.

I forgot to mention in my last post that March is National Craft Month. A lot of people think craft can be a pretty daggy pastime but there is a whole world out there of amazing designers doing incredibly beautiful things, both in the quilting, stitchery world and the yarn world. I love being a part of that AND it’s sooo good for my mental health. I literally have to do something creative every single day, otherwise I feel like something is missing. Crafting keeps me sane, it gives my day balance and makes me an all round nicer person. And I love giving something handmade as a present for the people I care about. Everything I make is made with so much love and I hope people realise that a handmade gift is something very special and sometimes hours have been spent creating it. If you feel that you would benefit from some crafting time then find your closest fabric, wool or craft store and explore the shelves to see what takes your fancy.

March is also Endometriosis Awareness month. This is very close to my heart because I suffer from endometriosis (endo). I have spent my whole adult life trying to find something that will let me live a relatively normal life and finally in the last year I finally have some normality. It took me 32 years to have it confirmed that I suffered from endo and by then, it was so bad that all the organs in my pelvis and lower abdomen were stuck together. It was also growing in my bladder.

For those of you who don’t know what it is, endo is when the lining of your uterus grows in other parts of your body. And like the lining in your uterus, every month it sheds but unlike the lining in your uterus it has nowhere to go. So, it forms into what is known as chocolate cysts, which causes organs to fuse together, and pain, sometimes so bad that you vomit and lie in the foetal position wishing you were dead.

I’m very lucky. Not only do I have a great Gyno but I have also reacted well to medication given to me and had excellent results with alternative medicine as well. I have had surgery and will, no doubt, have to have further surgery in the future but for now I have a relatively normal life for the first time in a very long time.

What I really want to stress here is that painful periods are not normal. Really heavy periods are not normal. Some bloating, maybe feeling uncomfortable is normal when having your period but being in pain, especially pain that stops you from going about your day is NOT NORMAL!!! And if your doctor tells you it is, then you need to see another doctor. And keep seeing other doctors until one of them takes you seriously.

The problem with endo is that it affects each woman differently. For example, three of my family members have endo. One had it bad until she had kids, I have had it bad my whole adult life and the other family member didn’t even know she had it until a doctor told her she had it after having some tests done for something else. She had no symptoms whatsoever. This , I feel, is part of the reason why it is so hard to diagnose for a lot of doctors.

I feel hopeful for my future, and I feel hopeful that one day there will be a cure for this horrible, horrible disease. If you’re suffering, please get help. The quicker you find it, the better it can be treated and hopefully the more normal your life will be.

Lastly, Hubble bought me a new present the other week – a Knit Pro Swift and Ball Winder. This lets me wind a skein of yarn into a ball in about 10 minutes. When I do it manually it takes about 40 minutes and Hubble has to sit with yarn around his hands. It’s such a great tool and I love it.

So that’s it for now. Have a great week. Until next time…get creative!

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Yarn Obsession!

Two weeks has gone by already. Oh my that was fast! I have been busy, busy, busy, working on my designs for my business launch and doing background work for TPH like setting up books and working out instagram posts for the month. So far I have stuck to my schedule, which I’m really proud of. It has meant that some of my personal projects have been cast aside, like my Stitch Therapy 365, my Homespun BOM blocks, some knitting & crocheting projects and Miss M’s quilt. The only personal projects I have been doing are the Grinda Shawl (cause I need to keep up with the class) and a beanie I’m knitting for Miss M.

In my last post I told you that I was going to buy some thinner yarn and have another go at the lace work I had learnt in a class. Well I did and I did it perfectly. No lost stitches, no extra stitches…everything was perfect. I knew it was the yarn I was using! The yarn I bought was so pretty that I decided that I couldn’t not make something from it, so I decided that Miss M could do with a beanie. Living in Melbourne can get pretty chilly so it’s a perfect gift really.

This beanie isn’t worked in the round funnily enough. It has a seam up the back, which is just as well because I think I could get confused with the cable pattern.

It’s coming together really quickly and I can’t wait to give it to her. It’s a cotton variegated yarn by Katia called Candy for Baby in colour 650. In the photo it’s lying on top of my Grinda Shawl, which I am loving. Tonight is my last lesson and we get the pattern for the last part of the shawl. I am running way behind this week because the pattern didn’t give stitch count for some of the rows so it’s been a case of trial and error to ensure I get the right amount so the pattern crochets up properly.

I am loving the colours in this shawl. I’m currently going into a plum colour and then teal.

Creating this shawl has definitely inspired me to try and do up some of the ideas I have for shawls. I’m just at the note taking stage currently but excited for a time when I have a moment to see what I can bring to life.

I am totally obsessed with yarn at the moment. I have been buying The Knitter magazine. It has the most gorgeous patterns in it. There is a wrap I am hanging to knit but just have to wait for the wool to come in. It’s a beautiful berry colour.

I also bought some gorgeous wool from Lena at Knit Purl Yarn ( last week. It is from Urth Yarns (

I want to make a shawl call the Butterfly Shawl or Papillion Shawl. It looks quite complicated but I’m up for the challenge.

Absolutely gorgeous!

Hubble & I went to an awards night last Friday for my day job. It was a formal occasion so I got to wear my fake fur stole and wedding shoes again. My feet, of course, are still recovering because whilst my shoes are absolutely gorgeous, they absolutely hurt my feet. I walked back to the car in barefeet after the night ended. The cool wet grass we had to cross was just what my feet were asking for. The coolness felt so good. It was so humid and hot where we had pre-dinner drinks. I spent 40 minutes curling my hair and by the time this photo was taken, it had nearly all dropped out. Perth doesn’t usually get so humid so I’ve forgotten that my hair does not like it.

The only photo we got on the night. Hubble looked weird in a tie, but still handsome. He didn’t even wear one to our wedding.

So that’s about it for this post. Have a great week and I’ll check in again soon.

Until next time…get creative!

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CEO Days and such!

I’m sorry I didn’t post last week. The wifi in our house has been down and the mobile data on our phones has been playing up as well, so I’ve had no access to anything. It has been very frustrating. I am hotspotting off Hubble’s work phone (we pay for it) at the moment to get this post done.

So, what have I been doing for the last 2 weeks? I’ve been to 2 classes at Knit Purl Yarn Boutique to learn mosaic and lace knitting. They were both lots of fun but I definitely need more practice in the lace knitting. Couldn’t seem to keep the same number of stitches on my needle.

Mosaic knitting sample – not blocked
More mosaic knitting but in a pattern – not blocked

As you can see the lace knitting seemed to wonder off on its own towards the end but I’m going to preserve and maybe buy some thinner wool to practice with. It was hard to see what was happening with this colour and thickness.

I also tried my hand at zig zag crocheting. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do it and I saw a tutorial on you tube that I thought I would give a whirl.

Now I know the basics I can leave that style in my arsenal for when I’m designing new stuff.

Zig Zag Crocheting – not blocked

I have also been to another class for the Grinda Shawl and I have been trying to finish the next section for the class tonight. I have really enjoyed watching this come together. It’s so pretty the way the colours just seem to melt into one another. I don’t have a photo of the second part finished yet so I have just shown you what the pattern was for this section. It was called popcorn stitch.

Since I’ve been doing all this knitting I decided to organise my knitting and bought some project bags and a yarn bowl to try and tidy it up. The project bags are great. They are only for small to medium projects which is good because I have a bigger project bag already. The project bags have a little pocket inside to keep any notions you need, like a stitch counter or stitch markers. The yarn bowl is huge and fits 3 project bags and a larger project inside, plus my little yarn bowl and some other wool I’m looking to start projects with.

Della Q Yarn bowl and project bags are a great addition to your studio.

I also bought a small project bag to take to class, which has a snap lock little notions pouch on the inside so you can find your notions straight away. All of this is from Della Q. I have also used a cutlery tray from Aldi to organise all my needles. It’s making everything much easier to find.

This bag has so much room inside and I love the snap lock notions pouch that you always know where it is.

Finally, I have also bought from Knit Purl Yarn Boutique a lotion bar to keep my hands soft and supple.

It smells absolutely devine and is so easy to use. It doesn’t leave a residue on your skin for long so it won’t come off on your fabric or threads. You can use it on your feet and lips, anywhere you have dry skin. I must say my feet have been particularly dry this summer and this is the first lotion that I can use and it visibly makes my feet look more moisturised and I don’t slip over in the morning when I walk on the wooden floors. I’m really impressed with this.

By the way, I just want you to know that I have not been paid to endorse these products. I have bought them, used them & loved them and when I love something I tell everybody! AND you get them all from Knit Purl Yarn Boutique in Kalamunda.

Apart from all that knitting, I have also been working on my business The Paisley Hummingbird. I have been listening to this great podcast “Creative Women’s League” which is a podcast for women entrepreneurs in the craft industry. Kate Toney has been a wealth of information for me and yesterday Hubble and I had our first CEO Day. This is a day where we decide what we’re going to do for the next month and put deadlines on these things. I wanted to involve Hubble because he will pull me up if I’m being too easy or hard on myself and also so he can see just how busy I’m going to be if we want this business to be a success. We also worked on our word for 2019 which turned out to be abundance. Abundance means to us that we are unlimited in what we can achieve and do this year. Not just in the business but in our personal life and in Hubble’s professional life as well. We want to roll in an abundance of love, health, wealth and opportunities, so it was a very fitting word. We also worked out our 3 long term goals and some short term goals. Sunday I wrote out the plan we’d made on our big calendar and planned in detail how I was going to meet the deadlines I had set for myself. And then to celebrate finishing Hubble and I shared a lemon lime tart.

Another decision I have made about the business is a change of logo. The original logo I had was just too wish washy and really didn’t represent my brand. I needed something brighter and quirky. So, onto Hatchful by Shopify I went to create a new logo which is in one of my favourite colours and has an Art Deco/Seventies vibe to it. My designs have a vintage/retro feel to them so I wanted my logo to reflect that. I think that it’s better to get the logo right now before I launch.

Lastly here is a sneak peek of what I have been working on lately. Sorry, I can’t show you much but as you see I’m using some lovely Tilda fabrics. I can’t wait to show you the completed design.

Well that’s all for this week. Hopefully our internet will be fixed this week and life will go back to normal. Have a great week. Be great in everything you do, be kind to everyone you meet and be nobody else but you.

Until next time…get creative!

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Time flies when you’re having fun!

What a difference a week makes! Finally, I’m feeling more like myself again and on Sunday I had the most productive day I’ve had in weeks. By 10am I had done 4 loads of washing, made more of the Scrummy Slice, homemade apple and raspberry jam and was about to start on a bunch of pikelets for afternoon tea.

Hubble and I enjoyed afternoon tea under the shade of my favourite tree in the garden. Although Hubble did have to go back inside for more pikelets.

I also started the very long process of tea dyeing the lace tablecloth I’ve been babbling about for a few weeks. The difficulty I had in this process was that I didn’t have a big enough pot to put the tablecloth in, so I had to boil the water and steep the tea bags in one pot and then transfer it all to a bucket. I added salt to this water to help the dye set and I put in 28 tea bags with the strings cut off.

Then that is where it sat for just over 3 hours. I checked it occasionally to ensure none of the cloth had risen out of the water and to agitate it a bit to try and ensure the tea soaked into all bits of the cloth. I then rinsed it really well, about 4 buckets of fresh water before I was satisfied that the tea was all out. I then soaked it for 10 minutes in a bucket of cold water with a splash of vinegar to further set the dye and then rinsed it again a couple of times before laying it out on an airer to dry.

Once dried I ironed it and had a good look at the colour and I must say I was pretty impressed with the job. It was fairly even throughout.

Here are some photos of the table done up with the cloth. I love that the tablecloth has been refurbished and now has a new purpose.

The candle is from the Yallingup Candle Co. Click on the photo if you want to check out their website. Soy candles that have a lovely smell.

I have been also working on my next design for The Paisley Hummingbird, which I can’t show you yet but it’s very pretty. I also caught up on some of my Stitch Therapy 365, although I am now about 11 days behind at the time of writing this post.

I keep forgetting to show you a little pouch I made some time ago. It was a free pattern I got off Angela Walters’ gift along she held on Bluprint. It was so easy to make and is a good size. I’ll definitely be making a few more.

Last night I started a class with Lena from the Knit Purl Yarn Boutique in Kalamunda. It is a 5 week class to make the Grinda Shawl. It was so much fun and the ladies were lovely. I’ve always wanted to crochet a shawl but looking at the patterns just totally confused me. So when I saw the advertisement for it on Lena’s facebook page I knew that I just had to take part.

I’m also taking another class on Wednesday to get some instruction on how to do mosaic knitting. I can’t wait to show you the little sample I will do in class.

Well that’s it for this week. I will be mostly concentrating on my designs and hopefully catching up on some more of the Stitch Therapy 365. Miss M’s quilt top is still brewing in the back of my mind about what type of border I’m going to put on. Oh and I want to have a go a crocheting a zig zag blanket. So I have some sampling to do there.

Have a great week and until next time…get creative!

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Oh the dreaded lergy!

All fabulous plans must be made to be changed and after my last post with my grandiose plans to dye and stitch and sew, I ended up getting hardly any of it done because I caught the dreaded lergy. Sore throat, headache, cold, aching body and racking cough! Most of my Australia Day long weekend was spent in bed. It was sooo disappointing. Oh and to top it off I had an asthma attack on the Saturday before our guests arrived and then put my back out a couple of days later when I was having a coughing fit! Oh the joys of getting older…

Before I got sick though I managed to make some of the Scrummy Slice. It’s a date slice with a lemon icing and oh my Lord it is so addictive. I got the recipe from this blog I follow, Elefantz. Jenny, the business owner, makes the most delightful stitcheries and really has the domestic goddess thing stitched up. If you’re interested check out her website (

I haven’t had a chance to dye the lace tablecloth yet because I had Miss D & B Boy stay over on Saturday whilst their parents went to a wedding. They were, of course, angels. We had so much fun scootering through the park, drawing, reading stories, watching movies and best of all, giving both of them a sewing lesson on my sewing machine. They both made a little pouch (with my help) which they then filled with my buttons. I think Miss D is hooked. She can’t wait for the next lesson.

We then spent Sunday lazing the day away under the shade of a tree at the Core Cider House in Pickering Brook. It was such a lovely day.

I caught up on some more of my Stitch Therapy 365. I’m still 4 days behind though.

I’ve been working on another design for the Paisley Hummingbird, which I can’t show you yet but it’s getting closer to when I will start setting up my website and selling my designs.

Miss D was the first child to get to sleep in the refurbished bed and she gave it the thumbs up. I have just put a temporary quilt on the bed until I finish the hexi quilt for it. It’s very pretty but I want something a bit brighter on the bed.

Well that’s about it for now. I’m hoping to get some inspiration for Miss M’s quilt border so I can finish it. I’ll be trying to catch up with my Stitch Therapy (still) and I would love to get that lace tablecloth dyed but we’ll see how we go. My main aim for this week is to get my back fixed.

Have an inspirational week and until next time…get creative!

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A stitching we will go…

Wow! This week has gone quickly. Our weekend was an absolute scorcher. Hubble and I spent Saturday looking at mattresses for the single bed we just refurbished. We thought it would be a great way to keep cool. WRONG! Major blackouts in the area we were shopping so it was hot and chaotic! And the stores with air conditioning just couldn’t handle the heat. In the end we ended up ordering one over the net. It should be here by next week so I will show you the bed made up then. We bought the most gorgeous blue green sheets to go on the bed. It’s going to look so cute! I have to pull my finger out and finish my hexi quilt.

Because it was sooo hot, Sunday was spent mostly indoors and I actually got to do some sewing. I put all the rows together on Miss M’s quilt. I think it needs a border so I’m letting it sit and stew for a bit to decide what type of border to do. It will be a good excuse to go fabric shopping next weekend.

I’m thinking a white border with some appliqué on it. Not sure…

I’m still trying to catch up on my Stitch Therapy 365. I’m really enjoying it. I like that if I don’t want to think too much, I just copy what Helen Stubbings has done, but if I’m in the mood I can tweak it a bit.

That’s about it for this week. I’m researching how to antique a lace tablecloth I have and I’m brewing some ideas for some placemats I’m going to make. I went to use the lace tablecloth the other week and I found that it is stained and yellowed (I haven’t used it for a long time). I was very disappointed until I realised that this gave me the potential to recreate this cloth, so I’m thinking of antiquing it with tea and then adding some hand painted dye to bring out some of the pattern. I have some gorgeous dusky pink and antique gold dye that I use to dye lace for my quilts and stitcheries, so I may use them as well.

So onward and upward we will go this week. I am endeavouring to stitch every night this week so I can eventually catch up. This coming weekend we have along weekend for Australia Day. We hope to have the family over to watch the fireworks from our deck and have a barbie and then I want to really get into my creative groove, sewing, stitching and maybe even a bit of crocheting…and make a date slice recipe I saw the other day.

As I’m writing this, the weather has turned and it’s cool and spitting rain. Bring it on! Where’s my Stitch Therapy?

If you’re celebrating Australia Day this weekend, I hope you have a fantastic time and be safe!

Until next time…get creative!

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Happy New Year and such!

How far into January should we go until it is uncool to say Happy New Year to people? One day…one week? Well no matter whether it’s cool or uncool, I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.

I have had a very relaxing break over the last few weeks with Hubble. It was so enjoyable. Catching up with family was great too. I got to meet my new niece, Miss M and she is as cuddly as she looks in the photos I was sent. Best of all, she smells divine. I caught up with my other nieces and nephews as well – all so grown up compared to 2 years ago when I last saw them all. It was a sombre occasion then with the passing of my Stepfather so thankfully, this time was for a joyous occasion.

I decided on a quilt pattern for Miss M’s quilt. I didn’t want it to be really babyish. I wanted something that she can use for a long time and I wanted it to be easy to put together. I decided to use some 5 inch charm squares I had bought from the Fair last year. They are from Urban Chiks for Moda and the capsule is called Spellbound. I also used some white on white paisley fabric.

I laid it out in all sorts of combinations before deciding to go with the above combo. In the flesh it is much brighter looking. I have sewn all the squares together into rows and now need to join the rows. Then I’ll see if the quilt speaks to me about adding a border or two. I can’t wait to give it to her.

Having all this time off has allowed me to potter around the house and do some things I’ve had on the list since we moved in. I have started a little indoor garden in the foyer where it gets lots of natural light. I only have 2 plants so far but I’ll get more as I go along. It gives me such joy to see them every morning. There is nothing quite like having plants indoors to give you a sense of calm.

We also did a big tidy up outside and I planted a new geranium and added a little bird bath in one of bushes for the finches and wattle birds who spend a lot of time there. At one stage I saw about 10 birds in the tree. I’ve never seen so many in the one tree before.

Hubble and I also did some DIY, or rather Hubble did the majority of it. You see I hurt my back picking up a basket full of wet laundry and couldn’t bend down. We have had this secondhand king single bed that has been sitting in our spare room for about 18 months. We finally bought some of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint to paint it and a little set of drawers to go with it.

What I love about the chalk paint is that you very rarely ever need to prep the piece beforehand. We just wiped them over with a damp cloth. We did two coats which left just a tiny bit of the wood colour showing through (it was quite dark). It gave it a vintage/distressed look which was exactly what I was going for. On the drawers I replaced the knobs with some that I bought in First Avenue in Kalamunda. They are gorgeous! The unpainted part of the drawers will be painted an Old White colour to match the knobs. However I just want to sit with it a bit and wait till I have the quilt and everything before confirming that’s what we’ll do. I’ll put some pictures up when we’ve bought the mattress and the bedroom is finished off. Our next DIY is our dining setting…but what colour/s to pick?

I decided that I would do Hugs N Kisses Stitch Therapy 365 this year. It’s a project where you stitch just one thing from the panel each day for a year. They are pretty simple designs and you get sent the pattern every morning. It is not so much to do with the panel of stitchers that you will have when you’re finished but with the moving meditation you do each day as you stitch your design. The calmness and clarity you feel as you embrace the moment of stitching each day. I’m really enjoying it so far, although I am 3 days behind because we had something three nights in a row last week and no time to stitch. Here’s just a couple of stitcheries I’ve done so far.

Well, that’s about all from me. I’ll try and write more regularly now that life has gone back to some semblance of normality.

Have a great week.

Until next time…get creative!


Patchwork hearts and pink tables!

Ahhh only a few days to go before the man in the red suit visits us. Christmas shopping is done, presents have been wrapped and sent and I have nearly finished making my niece’s Christmas present. The Christmas gift tags on the other hand did not turn out the way I wanted them and so they have been put in a project bag to look at when I don’t have a postal deadline to hit. It’s a bit disappointing but whatcha gonna do? I am only one person, with so many hours in the day. 

Here’s the second part of the wall hanging. It’s a pattern I found in a book I have. I changed the colours around and added some more backstitch to it. 

Such a gorgeous patchwork heart! I hope it reminds my niece of how much she is loved when she gets older. Now I just have to put it all together. 

Well apart from some crocheting, that’s all I’ve had time for. I bought this great little table in Spotlight on the weekend.

It fits over my knees and has all the pockets on the sides to hold my stuff so it doesn’t fall between the cushions. Best of all, look at that colour! Absolutely gorgeous!

Well, it’s only a quick one this post. Three days left of my day job for the year and then Hubble and I will actually get the whole of Christmas off together for the first time since we’ve known each other. Speaking of Hubble, he’s made me a lovely dinner of rosemary and garlic lamb and baked veges so I have to go.

Until next time…get creative!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

I’m afraid to say that I haven’t got much further with my unfinished projects. My day job has been busier than usual and I haven’t had the energy to do much else in the evenings except go to bed!

I’ve managed to do about a half of the Christmas gift tags and made a couple of ornaments for the tree from some left over Christmas fabric from last year.

I haven’t decided what to do with some other fabric I have so I might pack it away until next year. I have some beautiful Christmas designs as well that I might make into a Christmas wall hanging or maybe a bed quilt. 

One thing I did get finished was block 5 from the Homespun BOM. In the end, I decided to use some flowers from a fat quarter I had and use them instead of the embroidered ones that were in the pattern. I just don’t have time to do all that hand embroidery. I would like to finish this quilt top by the end of January so I had to make sacrifices somewhere. I was pretty pleased with the finished block. Now I can move on to the last three blocks. 

I have also made some gingerbread Christmas trees but the icing was crap so no pictures this time but I’ll make my second batch next week some time.  Oh, & I have nearly finished my Christmas shopping, so that’s a bonus. My feet are killing me from today’s effort. My lovely Hubble kindly massaged some peppermint oil into them. 

This week I need to finish the Gift Tags for the kids presents and hopefully make up some more ornaments.

I hope you’re all on schedule for Christmas. 

Until next time…get creative!

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Holidays & babies & Christmas, oh my!

My, oh my, this last month has been a whirlwind of activity and unfortunately not much of it was to do with creating. I had the Cancer Council’s Relay For Life one weekend. Our team was the Beanie Bandits and we raised over $2,500 for the Cancer Council. Our team did the 24 hour relay at the Joondalup HBF Arena. Whilst it was an amazing experience, I don’t think my feet will ever be the same. I was delirious by the end but glad that I had been a part of it. My sister, the Team Leader was a power house. She never seemed to stop. She was amazing! Oh to be in my 30’s again…

Then Hubble and I had a short break in NSW with my Stepmum & Dad for my Dad’s 70th birthday. It was great to be able to show Hubble where I grew up. Hubble has never been to NSW before so my Stepmum had the week planned with a bit of sightseeing. 

It was great to be home and great to have a break from the everyday but as with all good things, it had to come to an end. 

Then early Thursday morning I got a message to say my little niece had arrived three weeks early. Such a gorgeous wee thing. Mum & bub are tired but doing well. I can’t wait to meet her at Christmas and to hang out with everyone. 

This has put a bomb up me, because I realised that it is halfway through November and I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet. So I’ve started making lists and planning. I decided that I am going to make Christmas ornaments for the kids this year and use them as gift tags. Then next year they can hang them on the tree. 

So apart from some crocheting, a little cross stitch and starting these gift tags, I haven’t touched anything in my sewing room. I have decided that I will have to spend a couple of evenings this week getting stuck into some of my unfinished projects. 

I also need to work on my designs, writing up patterns and such. There is so much to do and not enough hours in the day. If I didn’t have to go to my day job I could spend a lot more time on the things I enjoy…oh well, I’ll keep dreaming.

Well that’s it for now.

Until next time…get creative!