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Crumb piecing & quilt-as-you-go…

I have some news I want to share with you all. It has been brewing behind the scenes and it is almost time to launch so I wanted to share what I can so you understand why I don’t post as often as I would like.
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Where did September go?

Oh my Lord, I just realised I haven’t written a post for over a month. Time has just flown so quickly these past few weeks. I feel busy but don’t seem to accomplish much which is really frustrating and we’ve had a few sunny, warm weekends too so I don’t really want to be indoors.
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When life gives you lemons…


Life certainly has been giving Hubble & I lemons lately and as much as you try to make lemonade out of them, sometimes you just have to face the fact that they are lemons and it sucks!

Just when you think things are back on track after the last curveball, you get thrown another one and it can be very stressful. Thank God for my rescue remedy and stitching. My sewing room has become my sanctuary, my little piece of what’s right in this world. So as I try to keep my chin up and carry on I have created the following items over the last few weeks.

I finished block six of the Homespun BOM and it is gorgeous!



I’ve also completed block five up to the hand sewing which I haven’t started yet because there’s a lot of it and it’s rather overwhelming.

I’ve also been doing some stitching. The little bee at the top of the post has been put into a hexi frame and I wear as a necklace. I was really pleased with how he turned out. I’m also making a brooch, so hopefully that will turn out as good.

I have also been designing a lap rug with some wool I got from a local yarn store.


It’s a very portable project and with my new crochet hook it is crocheting up really fast. It’s a Kollage Square Hook and it’s great for relieving hand fatigue.

Hubble and I after a particularly stressful week, decided to go hiking in our local area. Being out in nature was just what my soul needed and I felt rejuvenated (at least for a little while). If it ever stops raining, we’re hoping to explore other parts of our suburb.


Well that’s all for this week.

Until next time…get creative!


Another project finished!

Just a quick post today. Finally finished my cross stich. It’s very cute. I have two more designs to do and then I will get them professionally framed in one big wooden frame to hang in my sewing room or office.

Well Hubble’s out & bringing home fish & chips for dinner so I have an hour or so to start on my next Homespun BOM block.

Until next time…get creative!

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Busy, busy, busy bee!

One of the exhibits at the Quilt & Craft Fair. It’s called Five Vases by Philippe Thomas. I love how the quilting echos the felt appliqué and such a vibrant colour palette.

Three weeks has flown since I last posted and I have been soooo busy. Mostly finishing off presents, which I can’t show you until I have given them to the recipient.
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