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Busy doing nothing!

I have been very busy over the last week and a bit but not very productive. And that’s okay. Sometimes life takes you on these journeys where you don’t feel like you’ve achieved much but really things have been happening under the surface and you’ve had time to refresh and revive.

My Mum and her best friend Michele came to stay the weekend and
Michele had a great time going through my sewing room and reading all my stitching and quilting mags and books. We shopped, we drank and we ate (very yummy cake and my delicious home cooked spaghetti bolognese), and we laughed a lot. I mean a lot. We went to the Stiched & Bound Exhibition at the Zig Zag Gallery on the Saturday morning. It is held by the WA Quilter’s Association and the displays were great. There are some very creative people out there. It’s only a small exhibition but I highly recommend seeing it if you like artisan quilts/crafts. It’s on until the 30th of July.


It actually made me feel inspired to get down and do some more of my unfinished quilt. I’ve been working on that in the mornings before work and sometimes in the evenings and I’ve also been working on a cross stitch as well. I’m enjoying my hand stitching immensely and I must say that I feel like I’m getting better all the time.

On Sunday we went to the Grand Opening of Southlands Fabric & Sewing Centre. They moved across the road in Yampi Way Willeton to a much bigger premises and it looked great! Their staff are so friendly and welcoming. My darling Mum and Hubble patiently waited whilst Michelle & I had a good look around. Luckily they had morning tea on. That kept them amused for a while at least. You really must check out their new store. You won’t be disappointed.

We’ve had some pretty miserable weather, perfect for hibernating away at home and doing stitching in front of the fire. Unfortunately I don’t really have much to show you for this week. Although I did manage to finish my hot water bottle cover. The ribbon goes over the shoulders of the bottle to keep it in the cover. I love it. Got to use up some of my scraps and the pink ribbon I’ve been holding onto forever.

Stay safe if you’re in a rainy part of the country.

Until next time…happy creating!


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Pink & Green Should Always Be Seen.


One of my favourite colour combinations in quilts is pink and green. I always come back to this when I can’t decide on a colour scheme. Two out of the three unfinished quilts I have are in this colour combination. This one is called ‘Happy Days’ by Mums Moments. I love the retro feel to it. Those were the days when body shapes were real and luscious!

I was trying to finish my crocheted rug but it just wasn’t rocking my boat so I decided it was time to tackle one of the quilts. This one is mainly appliqué and looking at some of the blocks I completed when I started it, the stitching is pretty dismal. My first thought was to unpick it all and start again, but then I thought, this is part of my quilting journey and it should stay as it is. And also if I started to unpick it, I can safely say that the quilt would end up back in the unfinished projects box. I feel that once it is finished, the joy I get from having finished it, will far outweigh the feelings I’m having at the moment of disappointment that it’s not perfect.


I find that often I put too much pressure on myself to have everything perfect and that can really ruin the enjoyment of doing the project. I’ve gotten better as I get older at letting things not be perfect and what I’ve found is that people still love my work and I’m enjoying the whole process a lot more. And let’s face it, at the end of the day that’s the whole point of doing this…to enjoy it!

Until next time…happy creating!

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Being part of a community.

It is so easy to become a lone figure in your sewing room when you become engrossed in whatever you are working on. When you do something that you love, you tend to get lost in it and time just whizzes by. Hours, days, weeks go by and all of sudden you realise that you haven’t spoken to your friends or family in what feels like forever because every waking moment is consumed by your craft. I felt a bit like that. I also felt that all the other things I had to do, like go to work and do washing and housework, were encroaching on my valuable craft time and at the end of the weekend or day I would have very little time left to do what I truly loved, which is so very frustrating.

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A home for my threads.


I went to the Toodyay Fibre Festival a couple of weekends ago and I bought this book by Natalie Bird called “Cottage-Style Charm”. I bought it from The Quirky Stitch, an online store who had a stall at the festival. There are so many great projects to do in this book. I can’t wait to start some of them. However, as you know, I’m not starting any new projects until I’ve either finished all my unfinished projects or next year (whichever comes first).

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Sew, sew happy

I am usually happiest when I am at my sewing machine or sitting with stitching in my lap, but sometimes I must stop sewing and do some housekeeping. Now I don’t mean cleaning the toilet or vacuuming the floor (although that does need to be done too). I’m talking about putting the finishing touches to my quilts and sorting through the myriad of patterns and papers I have collected over the years.

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Fun at the Perth Craft & Quilt Fair!

Well, I have had an amazing day at the Craft & Quilt Fair. If you’re in Perth and you love craft then you should definitely check it out but make sure you have your wallet because you’re definitely going to want to spend some money. I have been saving for a few months now so I could go wild and I came home with some fabulous stuff. Now bear in mind that I have promised I will not be starting any new projects until my UFPs have gone, so I spent my money on mostly tools and some materials to use for projects that are in situ.

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Somewhere under the sea…

Good evening everyone. My, it has been a busy week! My niece’s 4th birthday has finally been and I excitedly gave her the present that I had been working on for weeks. I was so happy to see that she loved it. In fact, she hopped into it straight away and started waving her legs around like she was swimming (so much for the staged photo of her lounging on the couch…). She even took it to bed with her but since it is not quiet cold enough for bulky winter blankets I did hear her ask her Mum if it was okay to get out of it. God bless her.

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