Somewhere under the sea…

Good evening everyone. My, it has been a busy week! My niece’s 4th birthday has finally been and I excitedly gave her the present that I had been working on for weeks. I was so happy to see that she loved it. In fact, she hopped into it straight away and started waving her legs around like she was swimming (so much for the staged photo of her lounging on the couch…). She even took it to bed with her but since it is not quiet cold enough for bulky winter blankets I did hear her ask her Mum if it was okay to get out of it. God bless her.

If you like this mermaid tail blanket I got the pattern from Melody’s Makings on Etsy. It was a pretty simple pattern to follow (I only had to ask one question) and the pattern can be made for children or adults.

I haven’t had much time for craft which always makes me sad and a little antsy. But next week is the Quilt and Craft Fair here in Perth so I think it’s going to be a very crafty week. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Anyway here are the pics of my niece pretending to be Ariel.

Until next time…




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