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Fun at the Perth Craft & Quilt Fair!

Well, I have had an amazing day at the Craft & Quilt Fair. If you’re in Perth and you love craft then you should definitely check it out but make sure you have your wallet because you’re definitely going to want to spend some money. I have been saving for a few months now so I could go wild and I came home with some fabulous stuff. Now bear in mind that I have promised I will not be starting any new projects until my UFPs have gone, so I spent my money on mostly tools and some materials to use for projects that are in situ.

I got a great cutting mat, a new rotary cutter and blades, new scissors, some 28 count evenweave, some felt for some cushions that have been sitting in the back of my design book for a long time, some beautiful threads and embroidery hoops.

I looked at the Handiquilter I want and even had time to have a really good go on it. It was so much fun. Hubble (Tim) and I are trying to figure how I can get a spare $15,000 to buy it before next Friday.

I went to some classes and seminars with the best class being the one from The Strawberry Thief. They are the distributors of Liberty fabrics. Gorgeous, gorgeous fabrics. I did a class to learn how to do a scrappy hexagon quilt. Robyn Shapiro is the owner of The Strawberry Thief and she is so engaging. She explained everything so well that it seemed really easy (although I did take 10 minutes to thread my needle – little hole…very bad light). Her presentation was the best. As we arrived we were presented with these gorgeous boxes that contained all the tools we would need for the class. The best bit was that Robyn is a WA business owner and I love supporting WA craft businesses cause I feel like we get it a lot tougher over here than in other states.

The quilt exhibition was amazing! I mean truly amazing! We have so many talented people in this country, producing some absolutely breathtaking work. It is so inspiring to see this work. It makes you want to rush home and quilt.

To finish off the day I met my darling husband, Tim (whom I call Hubble) for a late lunch in the city and he then took me into Myer and bought me a brand new super duper iron because he knew I had been looking at irons. It was a bargain at 45% off and I know this sounds sad but I actually can’t wait to use it.

I have had the most wonderful day surrounded by everything crafty including like-minded people. The Fair has really outdone itself this year. I was very impressed.

Check out my photos below of my shopping spree.





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