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Sew, sew happy

I am usually happiest when I am at my sewing machine or sitting with stitching in my lap, but sometimes I must stop sewing and do some housekeeping. Now I don’t mean cleaning the toilet or vacuuming the floor (although that does need to be done too). I’m talking about putting the finishing touches to my quilts and sorting through the myriad of patterns and papers I have collected over the years.

My sewing room gets to the stage where folders are bulging and magazines are piling up. I need to stop and do a clean out. I go through all the patterns I have collected and see if I still want to do them. If not, I’m ruthless and they go in the bin. I throw out old brochures that I collect from craft fairs and stores. And last of all I put everything back in its place, giving my room some semblance of order again.

Another thing on my to-do list is to finish labelling the quilts I have finished. It’s such a simple job but one that I always keep putting off. Finally on Saturday afternoon I sat down and did the four quilts I have had sitting there for years.

So now the only thing left to do is go through my magazine collection and pull out the new patterns I want to do and file them in my folders. A piece of advice here: if you’re pulling a pattern out of a magazine, don’t forget to pull the pattern insert out of the middle as well.

But I couldn’t go all week without doing some sort of craft. I have started quilting a table runner that’s been sitting in my unfinished projects box for about 10 years. I should be finished by the end of next week and I had a tea and stitching afternoon on Sunday.

Tomorrow night I’m having a girlie night with my Mum and sister at the Joondalup Resort Ladies Night Markets. It should be great fun. This weekend we have a long weekend in Perth so I’m sure I’ll get some craft time in and I hope to visit the Fibre Festival in Toodyay on Sunday.

Have a great weekend wherever you may be.

Until next time…





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