A home for my threads.


I went to the Toodyay Fibre Festival a couple of weekends ago and I bought this book by Natalie Bird called “Cottage-Style Charm”. I bought it from The Quirky Stitch, an online store who had a stall at the festival. There are so many great projects to do in this book. I can’t wait to start some of them. However, as you know, I’m not starting any new projects until I’ve either finished all my unfinished projects or next year (whichever comes first).

Now I hear some of you say, but you started a new project when you made two of the little thread baskets but I have made some compensations, like if it is going to be quick and super useful to me – like two baskets to store my spare and new threads in. I promise though I am not starting any big new projects.

So the thread baskets took me an evening to do and I most probably would have been quicker except Jonathan Creek kept distracting me. They are perfect for my threads. I’m going to make another one when I have made up some bias bindings. They are the perfect size. And they used up some of my stash too.

That is another one of my goals this year – to use up some of my stash. Some of these fabrics I have had forever and it makes me feel so guilty buying more fabric when I have so much fabric at home. So I intend to get it down to a workable size, although I’m sure it is small compared to some people’s stashes.


My next job is to make up a hot water bottle cover for my hot water bottle. I’ve done up the design and I’m now going through my scraps and my stash to see what fabrics I want to use. I can’t wait to show you the finished product.

I also said in my last post that I would think about what project I wanted to finish next and I think I have decided on finishing my crocheted rug. It only needs to be sewn together and then have a border crocheted around it. Cold weather is coming we’ve been told so it would be great to have it finished in the next week or so. So watch this space!

Until next time…happy creating!


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