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Being part of a community.

It is so easy to become a lone figure in your sewing room when you become engrossed in whatever you are working on. When you do something that you love, you tend to get lost in it and time just whizzes by. Hours, days, weeks go by and all of sudden you realise that you haven’t spoken to your friends or family in what feels like forever because every waking moment is consumed by your craft. I felt a bit like that. I also felt that all the other things I had to do, like go to work and do washing and housework, were encroaching on my valuable craft time and at the end of the weekend or day I would have very little time left to do what I truly loved, which is so very frustrating.

I was feeling like I was the only person in the world who had this problem, until that is, I joined the WA Quilters’ Association. I went to my first sewing night this week and I was so surprised by the amount of ladies that go. I was told that actually the night meetings are “light on” and they can have around 200 people attend the day meeting. It is the biggest Quilters Association in Australia and it is alive and vibrant with creativity brimming from all those collective brains.

My evening was so busy that I actually got to do very little sewing but I’m assured that my next meeting will be more about the sewing and less about finding my feet. They have raffles, an extensive library, pop-up shops, delicious food, charity work and show and tell. Best of all it had a room full of friendly like-minded people there, waiting to welcome newcomers with open arms.

For $50 a year it is definitely worth the money. Quilters of varying degrees of experience attend and most are happy to show you the latest project they’re working on and offer advice if you need it. They have retreats, and quilting bees and the people in the committee work tirelessly to provide the best value for money membership, I think, in Australia.

The most thing I got from joining is the connection with like-minded people. I thought quilting was not very popular here in Perth but I’m happy to find that it is a thriving and flourishing community. You just have to know where to look.

So whether you’re a beginner or an old hand at quilting, joining a Quilters’ Association can offer you a wealth of things that will only nourish and enrich your quilting experience.


So what have I done this week? Not much if the truth be known. I decided that I wanted to contribute to a charity thing that the Thread Studio is putting on to raise money for Parkinson’s disease. There’s no prize, just a chance to have your work shown at the Craft Fair in August and to donate some money to the cause. The theme is heart and I have been working on a cross stitch. Hopefully it will turn out good enough to send in. This has been a priority because I need to have it in before the 12th July.

I also spent two evenings cutting up more hexagons out of some Liberty fabrics I had purchased a while ago. I got about 160 hexis out of the fabric so that should keep me going for a while at least. I’ve been working on finishing another UFP but needed to stop and wash some of the crocheted squares, so now they are dry I can start that back up again. Oh and I have been soaking in lavender scented hot baths, devouring my quilting and stitching mags…my idea of heaven.

Until next week…happy creating!


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