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Bits & pieces & the dreaded lergy…


Well this week did not turn out how I expected. The weekend just gone was supposed to be a weekend to spend with Hubble. The first weekend we’ve had off together where we don’t have other things to do, in weeks. It started off good.

Friday night was cosy. We had dinner and a movie and then Saturday morning we woke to rain and lots of it…and a leaking roof. Bucket placed to catch the water and the Handyman rung, we rugged up and ventured out into the weather to have a pub lunch at the local pub. It was good to have Hubble’s undivided attention and he, mine. Then home we went to spend a rainy afternoon in front of the box whilst I finished off my charity piece for the Thread Studio’s ‘Hearts for Parkinsons’.

The Handyman arrived late afternoon and fixed the roof temporarily and we sat down to a lively Skype session with my Dad and Stepmum. All in all it was a lovely evening until, that is, I started to get pains in my stomach.

After a restless night I woke up feeling crappy. And before I even got breakfast into me, the stomach bug hit me and I spent the day going back and forth to drive the porcelain bus. There unfortunately went our Sunday. Being sick is such a horrible thing at the best of times but when it spoils your one-on-one time with Hubble, it’s worse.

So after phone calls to the after hours doctor and a visit to my doctor on Monday I am slowly feeling a little more like myself. I managed to have a shower today, wash my hair, shave my legs and give myself a quick facial. It took twice as long to do but gosh it felt so good to look and feel a little more human. Hopefully I’ll be feeling spritely enough to go back to work tomorrow.

My darling Hubble has been my nurse, making sure I’m drinking enough fluids, taking my anti-nausea tablets and keeping me fed with Vegemite toast. He is such a godsend.

So unfortunately, I don’t have much craft to show you this week. Just a few things I finished at the end of last week. A scissor keep and a little embroidery with my favourite word, ‘serendipity’, which is now hanging up in my sewing room, oh and of course, my charity piece that I finished on Saturday.

Have a great week. Stay healthy in this winter weather and happy creating!


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