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A Perfect Ending…


This weekend has been restful and relaxing. Having a break from all the rain has meant no leaking roof and a spot in the sun to spend some time stitching. I love cold but sunny weather and Sunday was certainly that.

I have been inspired by a training video I watched on Cosy Project by Wendy Williams, using felt in a quilt and whilst I haven’t started the quilt yet, I did decide to experiment with some felt I had in my cupboard to see if I could replicate the skills I had seen in the training video. Well what a joy to use. I love that the felt doesn’t need to hemmed and that it is so versatile. The photo above is the design I’m working on. I think I’ll make it into a tote bag but who knows – that could change before I finish it. I am loving the bright colours. It’s such a change from what I would normally go for.

I have also been continuing with the quilt I am currently finishing and progress is good. All the appliqué is now finished and I will start to put the blocks together shortly.


Last week I finished an embroidery for my Mum. I used Cottage Garden Threads. They are so lovely to use and in such beautiful colours. I can’t wait to see them at the Craft Show on Friday. It’s at the Claremont Showgrounds so check it out if you can. If you’re crafty, you won’t regret it – 4,5 & 6 August.

I finished my weekend with a drive to Stoneville where Hubble and I picked up a vintage Singer sewing machine. I have always wanted one and it was too good a price to pass up. It needs a little work but it will be a project that Hubble and I can do together. We then went to dinner at Inn Mahogany Creek on Great Eastern Hwy. We can’t recommend it highly enough. The ambience was good, the service was attentative but not smothering and the food was delicious. A blend of flavours that were subtle and fresh. We really enjoyed it. If you’re up in the Hills go and have a meal there. It also has accommodation, which if it is as nice as the bar & grill would be worth a stay.

So now I’m watching the Dressmaker (such an interesting movie) with Hubble. A perfect ending to a perfect weekend.


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