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Sewing and stitching and quilting oh my!

Friday was the WA Craft Fair and I was there with hundreds of other people when the doors opened at 9.30am. My first port of call was to the Cottage Garden Threads stand to meet Katie Dawson and her Mum Pam. Cottage Garden Threads are gorgeous variegated threads made here in Australia in the most beautiful colours I’ve ever seen. They are lovely threads to work with. I had a great chat with Katie who is so lovely. It was a bit of a thrill really because I have been following Katie on Facebook and her blog. She is wonderfully creative and the right type of quirky…something I think is essential in creative people.

I looked through the other stalls, stopping at one of my favourites, “The Quirky Stitch” where I purchased a couple of patterns. I looked through the rest of the stalls and then ended up at the exhibition part of the fair where I was greeted by some friendly ladies from the Southern Country Quilters Group. The quilts in this exhibition were gorgeous! My favourite being the quilt using felt appliqué.I have some photos of some of the quilts below.

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I then saw this gorgeous art quilt by Loana Peculis from the exhibition “A World of Difference 2016”. The gorgeous green fabrics look lovely against the black backdrop.


All in all it was a lovely way to spend the morning.

As far as the craft I have been doing this week. I have continued working on my quilt and stitchings. But nothing yet completed. I did get to prepare some more hexis to sew together.

This afternoon I got to have a good look at the Singer Sewing Machine Hubble bought last week. I was surprised to find that it is in better condition than I thought. I gave it a good clean with a soft cloth and some warm soapy water. The decal on it is all intact, except for one tiny part that has been worn away. The varnish has discoloured and I will get a quote for someone to totally refurbish it. I did break the belt unfortunately but that’s okay because I was planning on replacing it anyway. I could see some parts of it had been compromised.

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Hubble and I did some research this morning over breakfast using the machine’s serial number and we found out that it was manufactured in 1935 in Kilbowie Scotland. The decal is called the Thistle or Lotus pattern, although Singer never actually named their decals. These are names given by collectors. It is a 66k treadle machine in a rather sombre cabinet as can be expected of the era (just before World War 2). The cabinet has had a cheap pineboard top put on it which we will fix up. The treadle needs to have some rust taken off but it is in really good nick. Really worth the money we paid for it.

So I’ve had another really great weekend and am looking forward to another crafty week.

Until next time…happy creating!


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