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Wow! I did not realise it had been so long between posts. I do apologise but I have not been well and so creating, sewing and stitching has not really been high on my ‘to do’ list.

I’m having some tests done over the next few days that will hopefully pinpoint what is wrong with me so I can get it fixed once and for all. I’m really over being in pain and taking numerous pills. I’m so psyched to get started on a training program to help me lose weight and feel more energetic but I’m not allowed to do any exercise or lift anything heavy. It’s all very frustrating.


So whilst I have not been able to focus enough to work on my quilts, I have been able to do some stitching as I watch TV of an evening. I have been switching between a cross stitch, my owl stitch and my hexis and have made some progress in each. I try and do at least a half an hour a day of something creative, just to keep me in my bliss. If I don’t do anything for a couple of days, I get all antsy and grumpy. Stitching and sewing are like my meditation.


A couple of weeks ago I went to the WAQA Sewing Night. It’s so enjoyable to get together with like-minded people. Towards the end of the night they have a show and tell and I just have to say that the items are all so lovely. There are so many talented people out there and it takes my breath away to see all the lovely work they do. Maybe one day I will get the courage up to put something in the show and tell.

So here are some photos of the projects I’ve been working on.


Until next time…happy creating!


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