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Challenge Quilt Done!

Well it’s finally finished and whilst I love the design, I’m not that fussed on some of the finishes which makes me think that it most probably won’t leave the house. Hubble would say that I am a perfectionist and it’s good but I know that if I hand this quilt in, it will be scrutinised by everyone and well I think I can do better. Not that I have time to do another one but maybe next year I will feel like my work is up for the task.


The theme for this year’s WAQA Challenge Quilt is “Inspired by a Quotation”. My all time favourite quote is “All you need is love”, mostly because I truly do believe that all we need is love and we can achieve anything. I wanted a quilt that was bright and joyful and made you smile. You didn’t have to put the quote in the quilt but I wanted to, along with some different sized hearts done in running stitch. I decided on a rainbow type colour pattern because love comes in all shapes and sizes and is available to everyone. Love doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t envy, and it doesn’t fail. Real love, real unconditional love is always there and when you find it, it is the most valuable thing in the world.

Here are some of my design notes.

You’ll notice that I used stabiliser behind the wording but not the hearts.


The reason for that is that I wanted to be able to see the stitch behind the fabric. Love can sometimes seem disconnected or broken (shown by the running stitch hearts) but when you look closely you can see that really there is no disconnect, no broken love. Love is always whole. I also did some hearts on the dark fabrics so that they were only visible when you got up close. These represent love that is always there but sometimes not seen until you know what you’re looking for.


For the quilting I used a 12wt thread in the top spool. To tell you the truth it was a bit of a nightmare trying to get the tension right and to stop it from knotting up. However, I wanted the quilting to be really noticeable and to look rather handmade, giving the quilt a naive quality. The reason I wanted it noticeable was that I wanted to show that we are all interconnected through love, each and every one of us.

This quote has been my mainstay through hard times. When I was having a tough time I would remind myself that all I needed was love…self love and I would get through whatever I was going through. The Beatles iconic song is what I walked down (or should I say danced down) the aisle to with my Dad & Nicky. It is a wedding song in my all time favourite movie, “Love Actually” and something that I am continually told about during meditation or when I convene with my guides. Love is the answer.

On a more mundane note, I visited The Quirky Stitch’s pop-up shop today and Anya, as per usual, has the most gorgeous patterns and fabric. I was very good and stuck to my budget. I think she may be having her pop up shop again next weekend so go to her facebook page for more information.

Well that’s all for now.

Until next time…happy creating!


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