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Clearing our space…

Whilst not much creating has gone this week, I have been very busy spring cleaning. With summer hopefully approaching soon (fingers crossed) I wanted to breath some fresh air into our home to welcome the new season in.

On Saturday I cleaned thoroughly until the house sparkled and then yesterday Hubble and I sorted out three of our back bedrooms to make them more user friendly. We moved all our exercise gear into what should be our theatre room. It’s ready and waiting for us to come and work out in it and I must admit, I’m feeling more motiovated to exercise now that Hubble & I can exercise together. We also cleaned out our storage room and sent a whole lot of stuff to the recycle centre. Now you can actually walk in the room. I feel free! We have also created a little sitting room at the back of the house which gets a lot of sun in the afternoon. It’s really pleasant to sit in there. I have some of my books in there and my cosy lounge so I can read the day away. It will be a great room to chill out in and that lounge is always good for a siesta. I love the view outside this room. It’s all green bushes and bottle brush trees so you can see bright reds & pinks in amongst the leaves. They also attract these little birds who flit from branch to branch. It’s so peaceful.


Speaking of peaceful, when Hubble went to basketball training yesterday afternoon I spent some time walking around our garden. My favourite tree is back in its full glory. I feel such a connection with this tree. It makes me feel so peaceful and like everything is going to be okay. I also have red geraniums, allysum, lavender and, of course those gorgeous bottle brushes. This house, as a whole, has such a positive feel. maybe it’s because we live in the place of angels – I don’t know. I just love living here.


As I said not much crafting has been done this week. I made some Christmas bunting for the WAQA Christmas party but I forgot to add the seam allowance so they are too small so I’ll have to do them again. I’ll use the smaller ones here in the house. I’ve nearly finished stitching my owl (photos soon) and I’ve done some more hexis.

So until next time…happy creating!


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