I’ve got the bug!

I had my first lesson today on a long arm quilting machine and I loved it! I’m addicted, hook, line & sinker. It was so much fun! I went to Southlands Fabric & Sewing Centre in Willetton and had the lesson with the store owner, Helen. Such a lovely lady. In fact all the staff are lovely. So friendly. My work was mostly swirls and stippling (very bad stippling) but towards the end of the lesson I was doing these little swirling hearts. Did I say how much fun it was. So now I want one.


In fact I want the new Handiquilter that’s coming out in Australia in February. On sale at the moment for around $16,000 – $17,000 depending on what accessories you want with it. It’s called the Amara and it looks great. I put the brochure I have on my vision board so I can look at it everyday and get excited about getting one. I just have to find a spare $17,000.

Whilst the Universe is working on bringing me my Handiquilter, I’m going to do a couple of more lessons and then I can hire out the machine in Southlands to do work on. Obviously you can’t take it home but you can take your quilt along to the store & spend an hour or two quilting it for a nominal fee.

Southlands have also started up Thursday night sewing between 5:00pm & 8:30pm where you can go and take your latest project with you and sit with like-minded people in a store that really gets your creative juices flowing. I really enjoyed my first evening there. And it’s perfect because Hubble is at basketball training that night.


So, what have I done craftwise this week? I remade the Christmas bunting that I made too small a couple of weeks ago for the WAQA Christmas party. Hopefully I have done it right. I couldn’t find a pattern anywhere on the site, so I just did what I could remember being told. I did some more hexis cause well we all love hexis, especially Liberty hexis and have been looking at projects I want to complete next year (along with the projects I didn’t finish this year).

Oh and this afternoon I’m working on some Christmas presents and decorations. Sorry no pictures until after Christmas unfortunately.

Well it’s about 38 degrees in Perth today which is perfect for staying indoors in the air conditioning, doing some sewing and binge watching Stan or Netflix. Ahhhh, gosh I love my life!

Until next time…happy creating!

PS: Photos courtesy of the Southlands website.


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