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Busy Bee!

This week just gone has been a busy one for all things crafty. I worked on my “Just Sew Happy” mini quilt (Tied With A Ribbon).


I also went & bought some flannel to make some baby bibs for a lady at work whose just had a baby girl (such a gorgeous little thing). These are so easy to make and so easy to tizz up if you want to with a little pocket or some appliqué or some lace trims. I love the rose bud flannel that I used as backing fabric, making the bibs reversible.

I also found a great way to use my scraps. I personally hate keeping scraps. I hardly ever use them and all they do is take up lots of valuable space, so usually I throw out the tinier scraps. However I am loathed to throw out scraps that are a bit bigger because they can be used for appliqué and such. However, my scrap box was starting to overflow and I had to think of a way to get my scrap pile down. Browsing through Facebook the other day I saw a video from the Missouri Star Quilt Company and she talked about crumb piecing, which is basically sewing your scraps together to make fabric which you can then cut up to use in blocks or in appliqué, etc. I loved this idea and started to piece together my scraps.


It is actually pretty relaxing, piecing pieces of fabric together in no particular order. And it gave me a great excuse to use my brand new tool – the Violet Craft Seam Roller. Whilst it was a little pricey at $25 I think it will pay for itself again and again, especially when doing piecing like crumb piecing. It saves you having to have the iron up. You just roll the seams flat and then at the end you can iron the seams all together. I was really impressed with it.


I also have 2 new rulers I wanted to share with you. One is a quarter inch ruler which allows you to measure a quarter inch out from your seam. This is great for foundation piecing and needleturn applique. The last one is just a normal ruler but it has one side with rough dots on it so that it doesn’t move so easily when you are cutting fabric. There is nothing more annoying then measuring up twice, only to have your ruler slip on the cut and put your measurements out. I highly recommend both rulers.

Lastly I have been working on making an iPad case for my iPad for when we go on holidays later in the year. The original design by Hatched and Patched called “Nature’s Pace IPad Case” called for a mixture of applique and stitching. This is how I started it but decided that I just wasn’t feeling it so I decided to start again and do the whole front design in embroidery. I’m using back stitch, running stitch, satin stitch and a stem stitch. It is all in Country Garden Threads Granny Bonnet that was picked by Hubble, who I must say has pretty good taste. I’m loving it so far.


Oh I almost forgot. A present arrived for me last Friday. For Christmas my niece received a Lalaloopsy doll, which are dolls that come to life when the very last stitch is sewn. She got Yuki Kimono & I fell in love with her instantly. So my gorgeous Hubble decided to buy me one for my sewing room.


I’m one very lucky girl.

Well that’s all for now. My surgery has been brought forward to this week so I may not write for a couple of weeks, depending on how well my surgery goes.

Until next time…happy creating!


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