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On The Road To Recovery…

Well it has been about two and a half weeks since my surgery and I am finally starting to feel like my old self. Unfortunately, I only had two days off before going back to work (from home) and it has meant that my recovery has been a bit slower but I’m on a few days leave to try and get me back to fighting fit!

I had an implant put in last week, that puts me into temporary menopause for three months. Wow! I now totally sympathise with Mum & Sharon (my Stepmum) and what they were going through. Within twelve hours of having the implant, I had menopausal symptoms…mostly aching joints and sleeplessness (not good when you’re already sleep deprived). By Friday I was exhausted. But thanks to Sharon I have been using my Doterra oils, which have helped immensely with the aching joints and keeping me calm and happy. The best bit is that I have had no endometrial pain at all so I am so pleased about that. I am actually starting to remember what my life was like before chronic pain took over. I’m really looking forward to getting back to that!

I haven’t done much craft over the last couple of weeks. Mostly because I couldn’t sit at my sewing table for long enough and I also found it really hard to focus on something for very long (I think that must have been the painkillers). But the craft that I did do was quick & easy. Once again the Missouri Quilt Co inspired me to make some tissue holders. They make great little gifts and are good scrap busters. The ones I’ve made have already been given away. My niece, Darci, loved hers (she is definitely going to be a maker).


I’ll have to make a few more and keep them as little pressies.

I also decided, after buying a box of alphabet buttons that I would make my niece, nephew and my granddaughter a pencil case each. They all have very unusual names or spellings of their names so they can never find anything with their name on it. I made them in bright homespun and zippers to make them more fun!


You could do heaps more with this easy pattern but I just kept it simple to match my concentration span. They are fully lined in some pretty green fabric, which hopefully won’t show too many texta or pencil marks, and they can be washed if they get dirty on a normal wash in a laundry bag.

So that’s about all I’ve done, oh and a little bit of cross stitching.

However, I have some great projects on the horizon. I’m still on a mission to use up my fabric stash so I have a good excuse to buy more fabric. I also want to finish off some projects that didn’t get done last year. I want to quilt my Happy Days quilt, finish my felt tote bag and make a couple of cushions that I’ve been designing. And, of course, I want to continue on with the unfinished projects I have still sitting in my UFP box. But the most exciting project I have ready to go is the Homespun magazine BOM Quilt which is called My Butterfly Patch. For ten months the magazine publishes the pattern and you spend the month doing the block/s for that month and then you put it all together and quilt it. I fell in love with this quilt as soon as I saw it. I love the fabrics and the colours. It has quite a bit of hand stitching, which I wanted to get more adept at, so it is the perfect project for me. I’m hoping to take some hand quilting lessons this year as well so I can hand quilt it.



So, I’m off to do some hand stitching and I think maybe have a nap.

Until next time…happy creating!


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