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One Crafty Week!

Well this week has been very busy craftwise. I had three days off to rest and recuperate and I am so glad that I did. I feel so much better! It’s amazing how a little R & R can revitalise you. I feel more like my normal self than I have in years. On the Tuesday Hubble took me City Beach so I could scrunch my toes in the sand and smell the ocean air. It was a beautiful day and the water was pristine. I felt so healed after spending time down there. I realised how much I miss the beach now I don’t live across the road from it anymore. City Beach has all been renovated and there are lots of restaurants and kiosks that all look great. They have done a really great job on the foreshore there. Hubble & I had a drink at Hamptons and want to go back for lunch one day.

Craftwise, I decided that I wanted to make one of those cushions I’ve been designing to take to the outdoor cinema when we go. I only wanted to use the fabric that I had on hand. I had some candy squares I wanted to use and since we are in the month of love, I thought it only fitting that I used them to make a heart.


I then appliqued the heart onto a piece of gingham that I had in my stash. Then using the colours from the heart I made a back for the cushion and gave it an opening using some left over Velcro I had. The back actually turned out great. I love the colours and it’s not going to show the dirt. I bought a feather cushion insert from Ikea. They are a little dearer than the normal polyester fill but so worth it. They are plump and squishy, just the way I like my cushions.


And yesterday morning I finally finished the felt tote I had been working on. I’m pretty pleased with the end product. It’s the perfect tote for picking up a few things from the supermarket. I love all the embroidery on this bag and feel really confident now when I go to do my “Bird on a Wire” Quilt.

57D9A445-36B5-4C96-ABB0-44B892A26259 DDBDF310-247D-487F-85C5-A6A02139646D

I’ve also been busy cross stitching and don’t have much to go until I finish that. Very excited. I also started my BOM block and am up to hand stitching all the appliqué pieces onto the block. I’ll show you the finished block hopefully in a couple of weeks.

Well that’s all I’ve got time for now. Enjoy your week!

Until next time…happy creating!


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