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Butterflies & Dresden Plates.

Well, it’s been another busy period as far as craft is concerned. The Homespun magazine Block of the Month started in February and for most of the month I tried my hand at needleturn appliqué. But last week I had had enough. My work looked terrible and I was not enjoying it at all. I could see if I persisted with this that I would end up with a lot of fabric sitting on a shelf never to be realised into the beautiful quilt it should have been.

So I consoled myself that I had tried and that I was wise enough to know when to cut my losses. I unpicked all the needleturn I had done and started putting the block together like I have always done…machine buttonholed. And I was enjoying putting the block together again.


I picked a cotton thread in a grey/cream that blended with most of the fabrics in the quilt. Once I had worked out where everything was to go it all came together really quickly & by Saturday afternoon I had finished attaching the appliqué to the background. Then all I had to do was the hand embroidery, which I finished this evening. First block done and dusted!


I have always wanted to try to make a dresden plate block and I got a template on the front of a quilting magazine a few months ago, so I decided to give it a go. It’s not yet completed but it’s coming together nicely. I love the colours. As I have said before, green and pink is my favourite combination and sometimes I finish a project without even realising that I have once again used pink and green fabrics. This project has a touch of blue thrown into the mix. This dresden plate will be used for the second cushion I am designing. It is going on a background of green homespun. I can’t wait to show you the finished project.


Lastly, I made a promise to myself that I would do more for the community. I feel very grateful to live where I live and to have all the wonderful people and things that I have in my life. I want to give back somehow using the skills and talents that I have been given. As you know, I am a member of WAQA and they have community quilts, where they put together quilts that are then given to people in need, such as victims of domestic violence, cancer patients, neonatal care units and the elderly. They have members take home a pattern and pre-cut fabric which is put together into a block and then taken back, where at Community Quilting Bees, are put together into beautiful quilts. I decided to take one home at the last meeting, just to see how I went and I have to say, I really enjoyed putting it together. So much in fact that I will be taking more home next month to put together and hopefully be well enough to attend a Quilting Bee or two to help put the quilts together.


So now, I’m waiting for the March Homespun to come out to start on the next block for the Block of the Month quilt. I want to finish the Dresden plate cushion and maybe even start quilting my Happy Days quilt. We’ll see. Fingers crossed I stay well enough to do all I have planned.

Enjoy your week and until next time…happy creating!


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