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So many projects…not enough time…


This week has been a bit hit and miss as far as spending time in my studio is concerned. I did manage to finish the centre blocks for the charity quilt I’m working on. I just need to put the borders on and I am done. The inner border is ready to go.


On Saturday I went to Handcrafter’s House to have a one-on-one demo on the Handiquilter Amara long arm quilter and I have to say I am impressed. It ran really smoothly and has some great features. It has definitely made my mind up that this is the machine I want. Elinor from Handcrafter’s was so helpful. I really appreciated the time she spent with me. Then she helped me pick out some fabric for the outer border for the charity quilt.

Then I went up to Helena College in Glen Forrest to the Artisan’s Markets. Unfortunately, it was raining and absolutely freezing up there so there wasn’t as big a turn out as they had hoped I suspect but I’ll give them credit; they turned up and stood out in that cold selling their wares. I bought some lovely handspun wool from Dyeing For Ewe. I can’t wait to make it into a shawl and found some gorgeous earrings that I would have bought but the wind kept blowing the internet connection out. I plan on purchasing them from French Attic’s website.

I have now finished the quilting for the cushion, come wall hanging. This really is a sampler quilt full of firsts. It’s the first time I’ve made a Dresden plate, and the first time I’ve used my walking foot for something other than straight lines. I’m pleased with the result. Not too bad for first tries. I can actually imagine what I would have done if I had my long arm quilter. It’s making me so excited.


My Homespun BOM is coming along nicely, although I still have a lot to do, so it may go into the next month. I’ve nearly finished sewing all the clamshells together and then I just have to remove the papers and trim it to size. The fabrics are so gorgeous in this quilt. I love spending time with them.


At the WAQA sewing night last Wednesday, I picked up another block to do for March. This block was a star and really easy to do. I loved the colour of this block but the blue fabric was quite thin and unravelled easily. I was glad to get it together before it unravelled completely.

I’ve also been contacting wholesalers about buying wholesale should I decide to open up my business. Responses have been very positive so far. I’ve also got plenty of designs buzzing around in my head that I really need to sit down & get out. I have also been continuing to put my stash into the Quiltography app so I have my stash with me all the time. I’ve got about a sixth of it in, so quite a bit to go yet.

So this week, I want to finish the borders on the charity quilt, bind or add a back to the cushion/wall hanging and try and finish the majority of the Homespun BOM. I also want to finish my scarf and one of the socks I’m knitting. I’m so glad it’s the Easter long weekend here so I get 4 days to create rather than just two. I also want to work on a quilt I started years ago that has a Ohio Star in it. I think I’ll take it to my sewing night tomorrow and get Chris to help me with it. Oh, and I want to get some of these designs out of my head and onto paper so I can start seeing if they have any potential.

Have a great week.

Until next time…happy creating!


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