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Relaxed, refreshed & rejuvenated!

I hope everyone has had a great Easter and the Easter Bunny brought you lots of chocolate! In Australia we have a four day holiday for Easter. Here in Perth the weather has been absolutely beautiful! I love this time of year. Cooler mornings and evenings and warm days. It makes you glad to be alive when you experience weather like this.

Because of Easter I have not done much creating. This break has been a lot about family, quality time with Hubble and just chilling out. On the Good Friday we went down to the park for a picnic with some family members. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day. Our granddaughter ran Hubble ragged. He was asleep on the couch half an hour after we got home, poor boy!

Then on Saturday I spent some quality time with Hubble, shouting him lunch in Kalamunda because he came clothes shopping with me. I have the best husband ever!

Yesterday and today have been spent doing housework and catching up on some of my projects. The most exciting news is that I have finished the charity quilt top and it is now ready to be quilted.


I decided to cut the outer border lengthwise and do mitered corners so the stripes run all the way around the quilt. It was fiddly but so worth it. I love the finished look.


Now I just have to quilt it and it’s ready to go up for raffle. I’m going to let it sit for a few days whilst I ponder over the quilting design and what type of backing fabric I’m going to use.

It has been an absolute joy to make. I can’t wait for it to be finished.

Today I have worked on my March Homespun BOM. Not quite finished yet but I have completed 3 parts of the block.


It was the first time I have had a go at clamshells and a rounded dresden plate. I bought the wrong shaped templates for the plate and instead of rounded and short, I bought rounded and tall templates, which meant I had to do more “petals” to get them to join. I used some other Tilda fabric for these extra petals because I didn’t want to use the fabrics from the BOM kit in case I was using fabric that would be needed somewhere else. I think they blend really well.

And that’s about it for this week’s creativity. Tomorrow (3rd April) harks the beginning of the 100 Day Project. This is a free global art project where you create everyday for the next 100 days and then post it on your instagram account. Click on the link to find out more. I’ve decided to have a go at it to keep me chugging through my unfinished projects. For the next 100 days I will be doing either sewing, quilting or stitching and posting it on my Instagram account under the hashtags #The100DayProject and #amandaharwoodcreates. Go to my Instagram account @aharwoodcreates, to check out what I’m doing each day or follow using the hashtags.

Well that’s it for this week! Have a great week everyone. Be kind, be safe and have fun.

Until next time…happy creating!


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