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Oh my aching body!

Well that was three and a quarter hours that I will never get back! Yes, people, that’s how long it took me to pin the charity quilt together.

Most of that time I spent on my knees and elbows, resulting in cramps in my forearms, neck, shoulders & hamstrings. This morning I could hardly raise my arms above my shoulders, but it’s done. It’s ready to quilt!

The one thing this has cemented for me is that I want a long arm quilting machine, so I don’t have to ever pin another quilt again.

Apart from that I have worked on my secret squirrel project, finished binding my wall hanging and worked on my merino socks.


By the way if you want to know how I hang these little wall hangings, it’s really easy. I make a pocket on the back and slip a 6-9mm dowel rod in and then balance the dowel rod on the hook on the wall. You couldn’t do it with a big wall hanging but for these little ones it’s perfect.

And that’s it for last week. I had a gastro bug on Wednesday so I missed out on a whole day of creating. This week I want to obviously start quilting the charity quilt but I also want to start and hopefully finish block 3 from the Homespun BOM. I will also work on finishing my socks because the nights are getting quite cool here and before I know it, sock weather will be here.I have family visiting this week, so stitching time will be limited.

The 100 Day Project has been really good for me. It ensures that I’m doing some stitching daily and I’m enjoying checking out what everyone else is doing.

Have a great week everyone.

Until next time…think creatively.


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