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On the home stretch.


Well I’m on the home stretch with my charity quilt.

I started quilting it last night. Man is it heavy! But looking good. In the end I went with a slightly darker cotton thread to quilt with. It has a touch of gold to it that really sets off all the colours in the quilt. I’m really impressed with how this has come together. If only all my quilts worked this well.

So, not much else has been done as I have had family visiting. I spent a lovely day at Lake Leschenaultia on Saturday. The weather was perfect! My niece, nephew and brother—in-law swam. It was very fresh shall we say!


I did end up finishing the appliqué on my third BOM from the Butterfly Patch quilt. I just need to do the embroidery now and I’llbe ready for the next block which I think comes out on Thursday.


Lastly I did a bit of work on a embroidery design I drew up, using Cottage Garden Threads. I love these threads. As some of you know, Hubble made me a stand for my last birthday specifically for the Cottage Garden Threads. It is such a treasured gift. I’ll reveal more about this design later.


So, my plans for this week are to do as much of the charity quilt as possible. I want to finish it sooner rather than later so that my sister can start selling raffle tickets for it. I’ll also try to finish the embroidery on block three and read through the pattern for block four so I can prep for that. I have a present I need to finish and a library bag I’m designing for my niece. All in all, it’s another busy week.

I hope you all enjoy your week and if you live in WA I hope you make the most of this delightful autumn weather.

Until next time…think creatively!


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