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Not enough time for stitching!

I was hoping that June would be a quieter month so I could spend quite a bit of time on some projects I have going at the moment, but alas it is turning out to be another very busy month.

The deadline for the charity raffle quilt is looming and I am only two thirds of the way through quilting it. I have moved it to the top of my list because I will still need to bind it, label it and make a case for it.

I can finally show you some presents I made earlier in the year. They have now been given out to some delighted friends and family.


This is the pillow I made for my brother-in-law for his birthday. He loves Kombis and surfing and I do intend to make a quilt to go with it but don’t have the time at the moment. He also loves to settle on the lounge to watch the footy so this pillow should get plenty of use. My Glamazon sister tells me that they have been fighting over it because it is so comfy.


Millie is a friend who worked with me up until recently. She left last week for new adventures, including some overseas travel. She sounds like she’s going to have a ball and because she loves all things embroidered I made her a eye mask to use on the plane in pretty Tilda fabric.


Lastly, a present for myself in this pretty teal blue wool. Socks! To keep my tootsies warm now that winter has finally arrived in Perth.

Because I have been so busy I really haven’t done much else. Although I did finish a cowl/hat I was working on. I really love the colours. Next time though I think I will make it a bit longer as it is quite tight to get over my head…or maybe I just shouldn’t have such a fat head! Ha Ha!


When I went to my Vintage Fusion class at Laneway Quilts I bought this yarn bowl that has been made with a 3D printer. The lady who owns Dyeing4Ewe makes them, along with some beautiful wool in gorgeous variegated colours. I always thought a yarn bowl was a waste of money but I have got so much use out of mine so far and it keeps your wool in the one place not all over the floor. I would really recommend one to anyone who does a fair bit of knitting.


Well, that’s it from me this week. Fingers crossed that the next time I post I will have finished the charity quilt.

Have a great week.

Until next time…think creatively!


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