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Catching up & taking a breather…

It has been great to catch up on some of my other projects, in particular the Homespun BOM “The Butterfly Patch”. I finished block 4 and it is so pretty. These Tilda fabrics are gorgeous and I love working with them. I can’t wait for their next range to come out in September.


It came together so quickly. I’ll now work on block 6 and then go back to block 5 and then onto block 7. I’m hoping to be only one block behind by the end of the month.

I’ve got a couple of other projects very close to being finished so I’ll put them up when I have finished them.

Last Friday I went to the WA Craft Show. There were lots of beautiful things on display but I’m trying to be good and not spend too much money because we have holidays coming up in November. However, I did stop at one stall called Pauline’s Quilters World. At the last craft show I went to in May I bought a wool pressing mat from Pauline which you use to iron your seams, etc. I thought that maybe I got ripped off because to look at it, it doesn’t look like much but I have to say, this was such a good buy. I love it! It’s fast becoming my favourite tool in my craft room. My seams have never been so flat and it’s also great for appliqué and ironing stitcheries as well.

So I stop for a chat and Pauline shows me this weighted free motion quilt frame that you rest on your fabric when quilting to help you give even stitches. I watched her presentation and she answered other questions too about her Quilt As You Go techniques and the tools she uses for her sashings and bindings. I was very impressed with her tools and she was so helpful and knowledgeable that I bought her QAYG kit and the free motion weight hoop.


I did a bit of free motion quilting with the hoop when I got home from the show and I must admit, whilst I have a lot more practice to do, my stitches were a lot neater. So I’ll keep you posted. I also decided that I am going to use the pinwheels in the last post to do a QAYG quilt. I used one of the sashers on the vine in the BOM block and it was so easy to do – no burnt fingers!!

The quilt exhibition was lovely once again. We have some very talented people in the South West of WA. I have my four favourites pictured below. Unfortunately I lost the piece of paper I wrote the details of each quilt on so I am unable to credit them. If you recognise this work, I’d love to know who did them. They are all very inspirational.

Lastly, Hubble and I went to a garage sale last weekend around the corner from where we live. We originally went to look at a Singer Treadle Table but when we got there it was badly water damaged and way too much of a restoration job for me to take on. There were quite a few vintage machines there and we came across a little Singer 99K in near perfect condition. It has a motor attached and is still working. I gave it a service when I got home and just need to get the motor tested and tagged so I’m sure I won’t start a fire when I use it. It was such a find for $100.



It is so cute.

Well that’s all from me for this week!

Until next time…get creative!


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