Patchwork hearts and pink tables!

Ahhh only a few days to go before the man in the red suit visits us. Christmas shopping is done, presents have been wrapped and sent and I have nearly finished making my niece’s Christmas present. The Christmas gift tags on the other hand did not turn out the way I wanted them and so they have been put in a project bag to look at when I don’t have a postal deadline to hit. It’s a bit disappointing but whatcha gonna do? I am only one person, with so many hours in the day. 

Here’s the second part of the wall hanging. It’s a pattern I found in a book I have. I changed the colours around and added some more backstitch to it. 

Such a gorgeous patchwork heart! I hope it reminds my niece of how much she is loved when she gets older. Now I just have to put it all together. 

Well apart from some crocheting, that’s all I’ve had time for. I bought this great little table in Spotlight on the weekend.

It fits over my knees and has all the pockets on the sides to hold my stuff so it doesn’t fall between the cushions. Best of all, look at that colour! Absolutely gorgeous!

Well, it’s only a quick one this post. Three days left of my day job for the year and then Hubble and I will actually get the whole of Christmas off together for the first time since we’ve known each other. Speaking of Hubble, he’s made me a lovely dinner of rosemary and garlic lamb and baked veges so I have to go.

Until next time…get creative!


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