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A stitching we will go…

Wow! This week has gone quickly. Our weekend was an absolute scorcher. Hubble and I spent Saturday looking at mattresses for the single bed we just refurbished. We thought it would be a great way to keep cool. WRONG! Major blackouts in the area we were shopping so it was hot and chaotic! And the stores with air conditioning just couldn’t handle the heat. In the end we ended up ordering one over the net. It should be here by next week so I will show you the bed made up then. We bought the most gorgeous blue green sheets to go on the bed. It’s going to look so cute! I have to pull my finger out and finish my hexi quilt.

Because it was sooo hot, Sunday was spent mostly indoors and I actually got to do some sewing. I put all the rows together on Miss M’s quilt. I think it needs a border so I’m letting it sit and stew for a bit to decide what type of border to do. It will be a good excuse to go fabric shopping next weekend.

I’m thinking a white border with some appliqué on it. Not sure…

I’m still trying to catch up on my Stitch Therapy 365. I’m really enjoying it. I like that if I don’t want to think too much, I just copy what Helen Stubbings has done, but if I’m in the mood I can tweak it a bit.

That’s about it for this week. I’m researching how to antique a lace tablecloth I have and I’m brewing some ideas for some placemats I’m going to make. I went to use the lace tablecloth the other week and I found that it is stained and yellowed (I haven’t used it for a long time). I was very disappointed until I realised that this gave me the potential to recreate this cloth, so I’m thinking of antiquing it with tea and then adding some hand painted dye to bring out some of the pattern. I have some gorgeous dusky pink and antique gold dye that I use to dye lace for my quilts and stitcheries, so I may use them as well.

So onward and upward we will go this week. I am endeavouring to stitch every night this week so I can eventually catch up. This coming weekend we have along weekend for Australia Day. We hope to have the family over to watch the fireworks from our deck and have a barbie and then I want to really get into my creative groove, sewing, stitching and maybe even a bit of crocheting…and make a date slice recipe I saw the other day.

As I’m writing this, the weather has turned and it’s cool and spitting rain. Bring it on! Where’s my Stitch Therapy?

If you’re celebrating Australia Day this weekend, I hope you have a fantastic time and be safe!

Until next time…get creative!


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