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Oh the dreaded lergy!

All fabulous plans must be made to be changed and after my last post with my grandiose plans to dye and stitch and sew, I ended up getting hardly any of it done because I caught the dreaded lergy. Sore throat, headache, cold, aching body and racking cough! Most of my Australia Day long weekend was spent in bed. It was sooo disappointing. Oh and to top it off I had an asthma attack on the Saturday before our guests arrived and then put my back out a couple of days later when I was having a coughing fit! Oh the joys of getting older…

Before I got sick though I managed to make some of the Scrummy Slice. It’s a date slice with a lemon icing and oh my Lord it is so addictive. I got the recipe from this blog I follow, Elefantz. Jenny, the business owner, makes the most delightful stitcheries and really has the domestic goddess thing stitched up. If you’re interested check out her website (www.elefantz.com).

I haven’t had a chance to dye the lace tablecloth yet because I had Miss D & B Boy stay over on Saturday whilst their parents went to a wedding. They were, of course, angels. We had so much fun scootering through the park, drawing, reading stories, watching movies and best of all, giving both of them a sewing lesson on my sewing machine. They both made a little pouch (with my help) which they then filled with my buttons. I think Miss D is hooked. She can’t wait for the next lesson.

We then spent Sunday lazing the day away under the shade of a tree at the Core Cider House in Pickering Brook. It was such a lovely day.

I caught up on some more of my Stitch Therapy 365. I’m still 4 days behind though.

I’ve been working on another design for the Paisley Hummingbird, which I can’t show you yet but it’s getting closer to when I will start setting up my website and selling my designs.

Miss D was the first child to get to sleep in the refurbished bed and she gave it the thumbs up. I have just put a temporary quilt on the bed until I finish the hexi quilt for it. It’s very pretty but I want something a bit brighter on the bed.

Well that’s about it for now. I’m hoping to get some inspiration for Miss M’s quilt border so I can finish it. I’ll be trying to catch up with my Stitch Therapy (still) and I would love to get that lace tablecloth dyed but we’ll see how we go. My main aim for this week is to get my back fixed.

Have an inspirational week and until next time…get creative!

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