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Yarn Obsession!

Two weeks has gone by already. Oh my that was fast! I have been busy, busy, busy, working on my designs for my business launch and doing background work for TPH like setting up books and working out instagram posts for the month. So far I have stuck to my schedule, which I’m really proud of. It has meant that some of my personal projects have been cast aside, like my Stitch Therapy 365, my Homespun BOM blocks, some knitting & crocheting projects and Miss M’s quilt. The only personal projects I have been doing are the Grinda Shawl (cause I need to keep up with the class) and a beanie I’m knitting for Miss M.

In my last post I told you that I was going to buy some thinner yarn and have another go at the lace work I had learnt in a class. Well I did and I did it perfectly. No lost stitches, no extra stitches…everything was perfect. I knew it was the yarn I was using! The yarn I bought was so pretty that I decided that I couldn’t not make something from it, so I decided that Miss M could do with a beanie. Living in Melbourne can get pretty chilly so it’s a perfect gift really.

This beanie isn’t worked in the round funnily enough. It has a seam up the back, which is just as well because I think I could get confused with the cable pattern.

It’s coming together really quickly and I can’t wait to give it to her. It’s a cotton variegated yarn by Katia called Candy for Baby in colour 650. In the photo it’s lying on top of my Grinda Shawl, which I am loving. Tonight is my last lesson and we get the pattern for the last part of the shawl. I am running way behind this week because the pattern didn’t give stitch count for some of the rows so it’s been a case of trial and error to ensure I get the right amount so the pattern crochets up properly.

I am loving the colours in this shawl. I’m currently going into a plum colour and then teal.

Creating this shawl has definitely inspired me to try and do up some of the ideas I have for shawls. I’m just at the note taking stage currently but excited for a time when I have a moment to see what I can bring to life.

I am totally obsessed with yarn at the moment. I have been buying The Knitter magazine. It has the most gorgeous patterns in it. There is a wrap I am hanging to knit but just have to wait for the wool to come in. It’s a beautiful berry colour.

I also bought some gorgeous wool from Lena at Knit Purl Yarn ( last week. It is from Urth Yarns (

I want to make a shawl call the Butterfly Shawl or Papillion Shawl. It looks quite complicated but I’m up for the challenge.

Absolutely gorgeous!

Hubble & I went to an awards night last Friday for my day job. It was a formal occasion so I got to wear my fake fur stole and wedding shoes again. My feet, of course, are still recovering because whilst my shoes are absolutely gorgeous, they absolutely hurt my feet. I walked back to the car in barefeet after the night ended. The cool wet grass we had to cross was just what my feet were asking for. The coolness felt so good. It was so humid and hot where we had pre-dinner drinks. I spent 40 minutes curling my hair and by the time this photo was taken, it had nearly all dropped out. Perth doesn’t usually get so humid so I’ve forgotten that my hair does not like it.

The only photo we got on the night. Hubble looked weird in a tie, but still handsome. He didn’t even wear one to our wedding.

So that’s about it for this post. Have a great week and I’ll check in again soon.

Until next time…get creative!


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